Just an easel...

— Posted by Sorianna on Oct 17th, 2015

Just an easel...



The black easel in this picture has been with me for twelve years. My father bought it for me when I turned eighteen. I remember the trip like yesterday, we got in his Isuzu Trooper, headed down Hendricks Avenue to Reddi Arts. It was my birthday I was so excited for the trip. He let me walk around looking at everything. We settled on two things, black travel easel and full set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils. My little black easel has been so many places with me and I have painted so many pieces on it. I lost my father in 2007. I always felt having little black easel was a way of keeping him with me when I painted or created. He always supported my dreams and wanted me to do my best.


Today, I finally bought a new easel, I'll keep my little black one maybe find time to get it repaired, It has so many memories for me. Its not just an easel to me. I suppose like anything its about the love you put into an item that gives it life and makes it special. It was harder than I expected to put the new one together and make the change. I wonder if all artists have little things like that make the space work in just so.


My memories.



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