— Posted by admin on Mar 7th, 2016


Sometimes, when I begin to paint I have a clear image in my mind of what should be there. I see exactly what I want. However painting what you have visualized is not always the easiest. My work takes long hours of painting and not painting. I worked on this newest piece in various stages while not feeling very well. I am very thankful to have the some amazing friends and a wonderful husband they all kept pushing me along each day. My husband in the beginning "I hate it!" to, wow that came out rather nice by the end was encouragement enough. Even the more complex "I am torn on how I feel over this painting, I don;t understand it." 

This girl in the painting is  my friend Sierra, the talented face behind Designs by Delirium.  I used one of her lovely photos as reference.


I titled this post "Honesty," when you look at the painting, I cannot explain what actually happened when I started painting the piece and how it finished, the Girl in the piece is surrounded by so many lovely butterflies, but there's something there. If you look close enough maybe you will catch it. I leave the interpretation of my work up to the viewer though for me there's is something very honest about her.




"Madame Mariposa"

Acrylic on Canvas

18 x 24



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