The Harvest Queen

— Posted by Sorianna on Oct 27th, 2015



The leaves changed as the air grew cooler and the forest sparkled with jewel touched hues. The will'o'the'wisps fluttering over the forest, during hours of twilight. The Queen watches over her realm of Autumn with a pleased smile. The Harvest Queen rules over her season with pleasure as quietly awaits for the coming of the first frosts.


Oh, Autumn how I love thee. how you change the colors of tress and the world seems glazed over in shade of gold. This one seemed to just want out of my head as soon as I started it. Behold all the colors! I guess i needed a break from black and white. I really enjoyed painting this piece. Something about this piece just sparkles and makes me happy.




"The Harvest Queen"

Acrylic on Canvas

16in x 20in