Canvas Chat with Jewelry Artist Sierra Forbes

— Posted by Sorianna on Jan 6th, 2016

Sierra Forbes, is the talented jewelry artist behind Designs by Delirium. She's a quirky, fun, and talented at what she does. I met her on one of my many trips to Bead Here Now. Which one of my favorite shops in Jacksonville. Since, then she has continued to amaze me with her, work. She always has a smile, her happiness and delight shimmer through her work. There's a touch of magic in each piece. Her love of the sea, is beautifully communicated each handmade adornment. I had a chance to ask her some questions about where her magic comes from and what inspires her.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: What got you interested in Jewelry?

My name is Sierra however a lot of people call me Delirium, either works really! I'm married to my incredibly supportive husband, Alex. I actually became very interested in jewelry when I met him because he was making it prior to me meeting him. Several years down the line of casual crafting, I started to work at an awesome shop called Bead Here Now. From there on, I began evolving my esthetic and what type of jewelry I wanted to do!

Have you taken any Jewelry classes?

I have actually! I only truly knew basic bead work when I started my job back in August of 2014. I ended up taking a wire wrap class here, taught by a fantastic teacher. Ever since I've been picking up new things. The most important thing I learned from that class was to never be afraid to play.

What do you like the most about your work?

I absolutely adore that I've found my calling and that's ocean themed jewelry. My whole line in inspired by the walks I take on the beach, so I think that's my favourite part! I love my wire link and layered pieces the most because they always give me a challenge. Plus with those, there's always a lot of play room!

What's your Dream Project?

My dream project lately has been to work on seasonal themed pieces and pair them with different types of mermaids. I've actually been working on one now that's very winter themed to pair with a crown I made last year. I just need to get my hands on a black mermaid tail to tie it all together. I swear I'll get around to it, one day!

Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?

I don't really think I have any truly unique talents, I do what a lot of people do but in my own way! I make jewelry in the early mornings when I'm most inspired and occasionally do water color pieces. Those are infrequent but quite a bit of fun when I get around to them! They're usually things like mountains, cacti, and the ocean; just a few of my favorite things. As far as hobbies, I read...a lot.

Is there a piece you are most proud of? Why?

That crown I mentioned earlier for the dream project. I put a lot of time and effort into it with all the large chunks of Labradorite, Moonstone, and Quartz crystal points wrapped in such a way. It's messy but regal, which I like. I don't think I'll EVER let go of that thing because I love it so much, haha.

Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?

My inspiration (as cheesey as it sounds) comes from daily things in my life. I might be walking through the park and get in idea, however a lot of my pieces usually start with the beach. I have a tendency of keeping a small book in my purse so that I can write something down if an idea springs to mind, if I don't I'd probably end up forgetting it.

Favorite Place to visit?

Are you tired of hearing about the beach yet? Haha, I am in Florida after all! Actually for YEARS I would skip out on going or I'd only end up going once a year. Then I thought about how infrequent I go even though people would kill to be just thirty minutes from it. I've made it a point to go multiple times during the year, it's free and beautiful.

Favorite Character, Delirium or Death?

Delirium, all the way. She will always be my number one graphic novel/comic book character, eveeeeer. I collect pieces of Delirium from different artists when I can, along with all the stuff that Vertigo released. I'm a little obsessed but she's like my spirit animal.

Where can we reach you if we are interested in commissioning you for our own projects?

You can find me locally in Jacksonville at Bead Here Now, as well as Etsy. I will however admit that I am a bit lazy when it comes to posting stuff there! I do however post pictures of new pieces on Instagram allllll the time. Those links will be down below! Never be afraid to ask questions, I'm always happy to answer!