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— June 11, 2015

Inner Demon

But I didn't summon you here, a random drawing mismatched with a piece of my writing its that kinda of Thursday.

— June 1, 2015

Sketch Series Inklings: Melancholy in Neutral

The visual exploration of a singular idea...

— May 28, 2015

Kitsune Nebula

A spectral vulpine of dreamlike proportions!

— May 26, 2015

Sketch Series Inklings: Sanctuary

A visual exploration of a singular idea....The First piece in my series Inklings.

— May 20, 2015

The Haitus and The Return

The notation of long absence and return back to what I enjoy. Also some Art work!

— April 29, 2015

Canvas Chat with Artist Minda Bachelor

The Canvas Chat Series

— January 27, 2013

Canvas Chat with Artist Lance Partridge

Interview with the Awesome Lance Partridge

— August 29, 2011

How to Make 80s Style Earrings

Polymer Clay Tutorial

— August 23, 2011

A Clock and Flowers

Polymer Clay Mask

— August 10, 2011

Slowly Steaming Ahead

Polymer Clay

— August 4, 2011

She Wore A Blue Ribbon


— July 21, 2011

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