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— August 31, 2015

Don't Devalue Yourself

Being reminded what you make is beautiful and worthwhile.

— August 25, 2015

The Spirit Keeper

A glance at the sky and heavens, he who keeps the dreams and spirits safe.

— August 16, 2015

Rydia amd Mist Dragon

Taking time to revisit old artwork and give it new life.

— August 11, 2015

The Ocean Dreamer

A transformation of a painting into something new.

— July 6, 2015

Words, Bubbles and Chocolate

My thoughts on a recent critique and what I have been up too.

— July 3, 2015

Challenge yourself...

— July 3, 2015

Watercolor : Amethyst Drake and the Black Knight

A story book scene....

— July 2, 2015

Sketch Series Inklings: Shades of Eventide

The visual exploration of a singular idea.

— June 24, 2015

Art the one place I cannot hide

Sorry for the heavy

— June 15, 2015

Color Palette :Red

Expanding some boundaries

— June 15, 2015

Sketch Series Inklings: Long and Dark Tea Time of the Soul

The visual exploration of a singular idea...

— June 11, 2015

The Fox

A guardian of my dreaming realm.